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                The safety and well-being of patients and staff are our greatest concerns. We’re monitoring the coronavirus situation closely to ensure Pate Rehabilitation safety protocols are aligned with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines in the treatment of patients. We also remain in close contact with the county and state authorities in each of our markets and will take appropriate actions, as needed. Here are the steps we’re currently taking. (Read more…)

                brain injury treatment accreditation by carf

                Know Someone Who Needs Help? We're Here.

                Delivering excellence in stroke and brain injury treatment for over 30 years.

                Tour our stroke and brain injury treatment locations

                I stayed four months, worked hard and it was well spent, all due to Pate.  Pate was wonderful.

                All the therapists worked extremely well together helping all the patients in a positive, professional and upbeat environment.

                I’m saying it from my heart when I say they are miracle workers.

                The rest of my life will benefit from the many efforts of the Pate staff, and from my determination.

                 Read more about what real people say about Pate stroke and brain injury treatment.


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